Quran Journal For Adults and Teens

The Quran Journal is the first of its kind published. This journal is inspired by the need to gain reflection and connection to the Quran. Through journaling Quranic verses often, it helps you to study and seek understanding of the Divine Word of our Creator.

The Quran Journal begins with a Hadith to inspire you on your journaling journey about the importance of reading the Quran. Each two-page spread contains text boxes in bullet-style format for simple, daily journaling that keeps you focused and for free expression. Here's what you will find per day inside the Quran Journal:

  • A section to write your chosen Quran verse in Arabic or transliteration.

  • A section to write the Quran verse translation

  • A section to write your inspiration from the Quran verse.

  • A section to write the main points from the Tafseer of the Quran verse.

  • A section to write your reflection of the Quran verse.

A one-of-a-kind journal tailored for the Inspired Muslim adult and teen with a busy life who wants to set time to focus and achieve their Quran goals successfully. Instill journaling as a habit daily to see your goals bloom into reality! Get your Quran Journal today and begin your spiritual journey or send one as a gift to your friend, brother, sister, dad, mom, son or daughter and share the journey together! Makes a great teacher gift too.


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