The Story Of Muslim Journals

As a Muslim, you may have wanted to become more spiritual, reflective, mindful, intentional, and grateful. You've wanted to have a positive outlook on life and try new things. At the same time, you don't have much time and may be confused on how to achieve this.

I get it. Completely.

I've been struggling with the same thing! So I created the Muslim Journals for myself, my six children, and the Muslim ummah. And I've published these journals with the hope that it will positively impact you and your children's lives too.

So if you've ever felt lost and isolated. Too busy to stay on task. Trudging through life's ups and downs in a trance, and knowing you just...

Need. Something. More!

Then you'll want to discover the healing and therapeutic properties of keeping a journal and how it can help you accomplish your goals to stay on task. You may simply fall in love with the whole concept of journaling, like me and many who have tried it before.

How Was Muslim Journals Founded?

Muslim Journals (MJ) is a family-run company, founded by Zakeeya Ali of muslimommy.com in 2019. The first journals were sold on Amazon in January 2019, and then in June 2019, we opened our Etsy store. The positive feedback and enthusiasm for the Muslim Journals helped us grow into a brand that will focus on providing all your journaling and gifting needs.

Many Muslims have personally expressed to us the need for these journals, and others who never thought of it, were amazed at the concept. Praise be to Allah SWT for making it a part of our journey with you!

Thank You For Visiting Muslim Journals

Muslim Journals is designed for males and females, adults, teens, and a collection especially for children. Read more, see pictures of the inside, learn how to use them, as well as how others use their journals on this website at www.muslimjournals.com, our Etsy Shop at MuslimJournals or visit our new Instagram page @muslim.journals. Remember, if you are a Prime Member on Amazon you can get FREE SHIPPING on any journal with no hassle returns!

We love to hear from customers who use the Muslim journals, so please leave a helpful review on Amazon or Etsy, or drop us a quick note at: hello@muslimjournals.com. Share a photo of your journaling journey on Instagram and tag us @muslim.journals so we can share your photo on our stories or even our website!

Peace Be Upon You,

Zakeeya Ali and Family