About the Company & Designer

Muslim Journals started as a hobby for a homeschooling mom of six who wanted to start Islamic journaling for herself and her children. She noticed a void in the Muslim community's journaling options and decided to fill it by designing a journal for every aspect of spirituality and gratitude. 

Muslim Journals was one of the first companies to create journals specifically for Muslims, as well as the first to design a range for teens and children. Many of our journals are unique and one-of-a-kind, and we helped to popularize journaling for Muslims in North America and Europe. 

You can purchase single copies of any of our journals on Amazon HERE and order wholesale lots at our shop HERE.

For all inquiries (including questions about your order), email us and please include your order number for faster service at hello@muslimjournals.com

More About The Company

We decided to design our first series of journals in a bullet-style format to allow for free expression and creative, artistic flair which helps relieve stress. The response to our first production was overwhelmingly positive which piqued the interest of Muslims towards journaling. However, we are continually designing new formats to cater to a wide range of customers.

We take utmost pride in our quality and each journal is unique and takes months to create, with every detail carefully considered and inspected before publication. Our dates of publication are the proofs of the originality of each of our journals.

In our journals you will find features like:

- They are simple to use to avoid stress, so there is no frantic writing to do with complicated questions.

- They address all of your spiritual needs, including Quran, Hadith, duas, salah, sawm, Ramadan, Asma ul Husna, shukr, niyyah, and barakah journaling, to name a few.

- They use a bullet-style design for a simple and minimalist outlay that gives you more focus, and you can customize it with stickers, borders, and creative lettering.

- They are available in 8.5 x 5.5 and 6 x 9 paperback and hardcover sizes, making them easy to hold in your hand or carry in a bag.

- They have vibrant mosaic, floral, or artistic covers that promote Muslim artistry, positivity, and tranquility.

- Some are printed on cream paper, which is easier on the eyes over time, and thicker paper allows you to use gel pens without the ink bleed.

- The Muslim Journals for kids are for children aged 5 to 13 and are designed to be easier for young children to follow. The fonts are enlarged, the pages are lined, and the it's published on white paper for clarity.

- The Muslim Journals for Adults and Teens are intended for people aged 13 and up and are intended to increase accountability and consistency.

We love hearing feedback from our customers, so please leave an helpful review on Amazon or send us an email at hello@muslimjournals.com. Thank you so much for your years of support and purchases.