One-of-a-kind journals for Spirituality, Reflection, and Gratitude. Specifically designed for Muslim Adults, Teens, and Kids!

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Every journal is a journey...

Towards becoming more spiritual, mindful, intentional, grateful, reflective, and blessed.

Why Use a Journal?

Journaling evokes spirituality, intentional habits, mindfulness, and gratitude. It helps you remain present while keeping perspective in a busy, noisy world. It presents an opportunity for catharsis which helps the brain regulate emotions and anxiety. It provides a higher sense of confidence and self-awareness and clarifies your thoughts and feelings. This in turn reduces stress to problem-solve effectively.

Introducing The Muslim Journals

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Happy Customer Reviews

Thank you SO MUCH for your help and professionalism. Please add more products. Love your page!!!

~ Lulu Abuasi

Arrived fast! I love the quality and uniqueness of this product and I'd like to try some of the other journals soon.

~ Rabia

Cute and substantial, the journal is thicker than I thought. I was worried it would be a thin, flimsy book. The cover design is gorgeous. Would make a perfect gift for anyone.

~ Mariam Alavi

Thank you so much these journals are fantastic I enjoy opening it up and writing in it!

~ Ayah Al Noor

I love this journal! Everything about it, down to the cover is professional and well-made. Perfect gift for Ramadan!

~ Ayesha Shan

Loved these books!! I ordered extremely last minute before Ramadhan started . My friends loved them as well! Thank you.

~ Kulsum Jogiyat

Thank you so much these journals are fantastic I enjoy opening it up and writing in it !😊

~ Aya

Such an amazing idea and love the actual product! Both prints are lovely in person. Would make a great gift. I'm excited to start my Quran journaling with this!!! jazakAllah khayr!

~ Mariam