Where Can I Buy Muslim Journals?

You can purchase any journal on ETSY and AMAZON. If you have Prime Shipping, Amazon would be the most cost effective!

Who Are Muslim Journals For?

They are designed for both male and female, adults and teens, and we also have a special journal line for children.

How Long Will A Muslim Journal Last?

Unless the journal is specifically made for a month, most journals are weekly and have 52 weeks to journal for one full year. So it is very cost effective!

What Is The Return Policy?

Purchasing journals on Amazon means you follow their return policy. If you purchase journals on Etsy, please read the policy on the listings there.

Are Muslim Journals Available At Retail Outlets?

Currently it is available at Daybreak Bookshop in Minnesota.

Do You Ship To My Country?

Yes, we ship Muslim Journals to most countries depending on their shipping policies and services. For example some countries like India and South Africa require ID verification for the shipping company which you will need to send us.

When Will My Muslim Journal Arrive? How Much Is The Shipping To My Country? How Long Will My Shipment Take?

Shipping costs and arrival estimates depend on where you purchase your journal. Amazon has FREE shipping for Prime members or if you purchase over a certain amount. Etsy has FREE shipping offers for US which fluctuate seasonally, but we also offer low shipping costs there.

What If My Order Is Lost?

We provide you tracking information in most cases. Please call your shipping company if you do not receive your package once it reaches your country. For shipment issues in the US, we will gladly assist your concern. Email hello@muslimjournals.com

Can I Order In Bulk Or For Wholesale?

Yes, we offer special pricing especially for bulk or wholesale orders. Please visit our wholesale page HERE!

What If I Am Local And Want To Save On Shipping?

Please contact us for a pick up service to save on shipping if you are in the Phoenix, AZ area. Email hello@muslimjournals.com for your order.

We Are Here To Assist You!

MUSLIM JOURNALS strives to offer you an excellent customer experience. We love to hear your feedback whether it's positive or as helpful suggestions. Don't hesitate to share your thoughts with us, and if you need assistance with any product or your order, we will gladly help. We will do our best to respond within 24 hours on business days. All inquiries (including questions about your order) email us and please include your order number for faster service at hello@muslimjournals.com