My Barakah Journal

My Barakah Journal For Adults and Teens

My Barakah Journal is a blessings journal for kids to focus on and express the various blessings in their lives. It will help a child to realize that they have so many blessings that they fail to see. 

A child can use their Barakah Journal weekly and it will cover 52 weeks to make up one year, but they can also use it daily or as often as they like. The more often they record their blessings, the more they will learn to be appreciative of the things they are blessed with in their lives. 

My Barakah Journal is comprised of blocks where a child can write the date and journal on: 

These areas help a child to look at each aspect of their life and be thankful for the blessings they find there. They also learn to make a supplication to their Lord to thank Him for what they have. 

Purchase a copy for your child to begin their gratitude journaling or send one as a gift to a friend, your daughter, son, grandchild, nephew, or niece and let them reap the rewards of being a more grateful person and thus earn more barakah. Recommended for ages 5-12 years old.

An eye-catching cover!

A handy compact size!

A striking addition to their bookshelf!

A Quran verse to start their journey!

Sections to journal their barakah!

Notes to add personal thoughts!


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